Youth and Family Unity

Co-hosts Dr. Jason Stein ( and Eric Komoroff ( discuss the family unit and its fundamental role in the growth and development of a maturing young person. With all the distractions and challenges, the ways to build a stronger family unit will be discussed.


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Family Communication


  1. To Have Positive, Supportive Relationships with Family Members
  2. Understanding Each Other’s Thoughts and Feelings
  3. Getting Needs Met

Techniques for Improving Family Communication

  1.  Reflective Listening
    1. Be an active listener (i.e. focus energy on listening, not talking)
    2. Restate what is said to you (i.e. “You are saying that …”)
    3. Empathize feelings (i.e. if you were in their shoes)
    4. Work toward compromise
  2. I-Statements
    1. Own your feelings (“I feel sad and nervous when you yell at me.”)
    2. Talk in the first person (“I do not like when we fight.”)
    3. Do not blame, shame or maim (“You are mean when you say no.”)
  3. Tone of Voice
    1. Talk soft and slow
    2. Short sentences
    3. Calm and thoughtful – be empathic
  4. Body Language
    1. Meet the other person at eye level
    2. Do not cross your arms or put them on your hips – be open
    3. Mirror the other person’s posture (i.e. sit down with them)
  5. Timing
    1. Avoid distractions (i.e. make a time to talk)
    2. Plan ahead (i.e. give parents time so they can make plans)
    3. Be responsible (i.e. be home on time)
    4. Think about parents’ needs (i.e. safety; whose driving, address, phone numbers, other parents involved)