iRYZEDr. Stein’s work on iRYZE evolved from years of experience with children and adolescents who develop emotional, behavioral, and academic problems as a result of not being equipped to handle the expectations of school and life. iRYZE is the foundation to support and empower young people by teaching them to take control of their lives in a positive and self sufficient way.

The iRYZE philosophy is based on the premise that teenagers will only succeed if they are self-motivated and define themselves on their own terms. Therefore, it is necessary to channel their passion and drive by encouraging a constructive rebellion.

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Program Overview

iRYZE focuses on the areas that impact adolescents reaching their highest level of functioning. It is a flexible workbook-based program comprised of two modules:

  • Organizational/Educational covers developing a personal system and the corresponding study skills
  • Social/Emotional focuses on communication skills and self-advocacy

The workbooks are flexible and non-linear. Using a question and answer format as well as anecdotal reading material, iRYZE gives teenagers different tools, helps identify what best works for them, and finally empowers them to develop goals and identify their own path to success. iRYZE can be used in many different ways. It can be completed individually by the teenager as an out-of-school enrichment program, used as a manual for new students transitioning into middle and high school, or incorporated into an advisory curriculum and academic class. As part of the program, the iRYZE workbooks also give teenagers the option to add and create their own journal or artwork. The workbooks then become their personal portfolio and an important guide toward organization, doing well in school, having good relationships, and expressing their feelings and needs. Teenagers who complete iRYZE will feel more confident in school, relationships, and in life.

The iRYZE workbooks are available for purchase individually, by module, or as a full set. All workbooks are available as downloadable PDFs. The workbooks can be used by interacting onscreen or printing hard copies.

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